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Dance Counsel

Dance Counsel provides advice to families on training choices during the young years, and career and higher eduction decisions as the dancer approaches a professional career.

While a dancer’s career journey may be obvious, the sequence of the paths vary with each individual dancer. Some dancers are best served by attending college before embarking on a career, while others benefit by dancing professional as trainees, apprentices or as company members before a college experience. Dance Counsel helps parents and dancers chart their personal paths.

Counseling Sessions

  • A dancer is given a short questionnaire before meeting with Ms. Whitehill and the dancer's family.
  • The first one hour session helps parents and the dancer understand which path will be right for their dancer.
  • The second session explores how best to attain the dancer's goals.
  • Later sessions help the dancer prepare for auditions and or college acceptance.

Whether a dancer decides to apply to college or a professional company, professional photographs and a clear and concise resume are essential.


New York Trip

Dance Counsel offers an exciting weekend in New York City

The weekend's schedule includes:

  • Pick up at the train/bus/airport by Angela Whitehill
  • A secure two night stay at a suite hotel
  • Morning class with a master teacher or at a company 'open class'
  • Lunch
  • Photographic session with one of NYC's ballet company photographers
  • Tour of major dance studios
  • Resume writing session
  • Return transportation to bus/train/airport